Thursday, 21 February 2013

Veggie Update 1: January

Hello everyone! This is my January update for my New Year’s Resolution.  I was planning on posting this blog at the very beginning of February but I was very busy and forgot to write it actually! I’m doing monthly sort of updates for my new vegetarian adventures, which will be short and sweet but hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them.  
My first month as a vegetarian has been, well, not too bad actually! I was expecting my newly meatless diet to be extremely stressful and difficult, but much to my surprise, it was not at all either of those things! During the first few days I found myself desperately craving meat, meat and more meat, but as time went on, it got easier for me.
My meal from Eddie Rockets

My meal is the burger (veggie)
I will admit that I have not yet been too adventurous with different vegetarian recipes but I will hopefully be experimenting in the coming months. I have been substituting chicken with Quorn Chicken Style Pieces, and substituting burgers with Quorn Burgers.
One thing I have found difficult though is eating out. I haven’t been out too often this month but I did make a trip to Eddie Rockets and I tried their Veggie Burger. I wasn't impressed with it as it contained many different strange vegetables and was quite spicy which I did not like. I guess I’m just not used to those different flavours or textures yet so I bought Quorn Veggie Burgers which look and taste almost exactly like beef. This was so much better than the stereotypical veggie burgers which I am not ready for yet! I know they’re not the healthiest option but for the time being I am going to eat them until I am ready for the big step to the healthier veggie option.

I haven’t been an extremely strict vegetarian as I eat some sweets which may contain gelatin so technically I have eaten some sort of meat but for me that is ok for the moment. I am only trying to slowly remove meat from my diet in case I find it too difficult and give in. I am not too worried as I’m only taking baby steps with it and I’m not quitting animal products cold turkey (excuse the pun). 

Overall it has been as successful first month with my diet. I was expecting the first month to be the hardest so I am hoping it doesn't get harder in the next few months! For anyone who is planning on becoming a vegetarian and is worried it will be too difficult then don’t think that because everyone is telling me they are surprised I have lasted this long, so if I can do it then anyone can!

I am looking forward to updating you all for how February goes.
Thank-you for reading! 

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  1. Becoming a vegetarian is an impossible task for me >.< but I do admire people like you! Very nice post ^-^