Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Veggie Update 2: February & March

Hello Everyone! This is my second vegetarian update and it's for the month of February. This month I found it even easier to avoid meat and I had been more adventurous with my meals by trying different meals.
One meal I tried was spinach ravioli, with a cheese sauce. I found it had a lot of flavour and was tasty, but it was a bit too cheesy for me.
The next meal I tried was a vegetable curry. It  was the same as a regular curry just without the chicken.

I'll be honest with you guys, I quit being a vegetarian in the middle of March after nearly three months of not eating meat. The main reason I stopped is because I felt I was run down and I had a cold which had lasted a while. I generally felt like I wasn't getting the nutrients I needed. The main reason I took it up in the first place was for long term health benefits, but in the short term, I wasn't feeling great. 

So I made a sensible decision and ate my first piece of meat while I was on my lunch break in work. It was a chicken roll from the shop, which didn't taste great. The chicken tasted like plastic and I couldn't finish it. Apart from that, it felt strange to eat meat again but only in my head though, I didn't feel sick or anything!

Since then, I've had meat every day and I've been loving it. It feels so much easier to eat anything I want, especially when I'm eating out or in other people's homes. 
I've definitely learned something from it though. I've learned that there is plenty of different options out there that don't contain meat which are very tasty, and very good for you. That it's good to try different foods and you don't have to eat meat with every meal, there is a whole range of foods to try and explore.
Most of all I've learned that life is too short to be feeling run down and to restrict myself so dramatically,  by taking something out of my diet which has always been a massive part of it. 
But in conclusion I am glad I tried it, and I'm not ashamed to have given it up.
So, I hope you enjoyed reading this little update, hope it wasn't too boring!

And thank you all for leaving such nice comments I really appreciate it :)

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