Monday, 12 August 2013

Haul! Pennys, H&M, Boots

Hell Everyone! Today I have a haul for you to see. I apologize for the quality of the photos, I cannot find my Cannon charger for my big camera so I can't use that, but I took pictures with my smaller one so I hope that's ok!
Also, I know I look deathly pale in these pictures, my tan was in bits for the last couple of days so I de-tanned and I'm giving my skin a break for a while. But I'll be back on the fake tan in a a short while so I look alive again!

These first two tops are the both the same just different colours. The first is a light grey and the second is a green colour. They were €8 each from Pennys

This next top is a long top which is good for wearing with leggings. It is a green colour with midlength sleeves. It was €6 from Pennys

This camo jacket is also from Pennys and it was on sale from €31 to €9 (which I was so pleased with!)

And finall these boots which are black suede with a silver detail on the toes. They were €39 from H&M.

I have also made a video on this haul, which includes the rest of the products I bought from boots! Please watch and subscribe to my channel! :)


  1. Love the boots, I have a thing for black boots. I wear them now even in the summer with dresses etc!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. omg the boots are so amazing ! Only £39 that is amazing..
    Could you do a blog on Jewellery..
    I love Jewellery and I would love to see what types you would go for...

  3. Lovely post, love the style (: Perhaps we could follow each other on bloglovin'? xx

  4. The olive green jacket looks so cool! xo, Anna Ziuzina