Sunday, 17 August 2014

Royal Caribbean Cruise!

So have any of you ever gone through a phase of not wanting to post anything on your blog? Well that is what happened to me for the last couple of months. I just wasn't feelin' it, so I took a break.

ANYWAY, the end of the summer is near and I'm about to makes some big changes!

But first, I'll update you on my summer. I went on holidays with my family this summer and we went on a cruise around the Mediterranean. It was amazing. The weather was hot, the food was delicious and the ship was spectacular.
We sailed with Royal Caribbean and if any of you are considering going on a cruise I would highly recommend checking out that cruise line.

I was quite sea-sick for the first couple of days which was not at all pleasant, as I also had the flu! It passed soon and then I could enjoy the rest of  my holiday.

Have you ever been on a cruise?


The Ship!

The Royal Promenade 

Cartagena, Spain


The view! (so relaxing)