Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick

Hello Everyone!
This is my first review and I am excited to inform you and share with you all my thoughts on this product. 
The colour I picked up was sheer so there basically was no colour to it! I didn't swatch it for you guys as it would be pointless because there is nothing to see, its clear! But I hope you can make out from the pictures what it would look like. You can also get this product in tinted colours such as reds and pinks etc.. 

Firstly this is what the company says about the product: 
"Beautiful lips get attention. They also get a lot of sun. Protect yours with this all-weather, SPF 15 treatment stick. It helps moisturise, soften and smooth your lips''

They also claim that it:
Treats your lips to Eight Hour Care.
Helps moisturise, soften and smooth lips.
Relieves chapping and cracking.
Helps guard against the damaging effects of UV exposure with SPF 15.
Is available in a range of beautiful sheer shades.

I suffer from really dry skin and lips which is what drew me to the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour collection - I had heard many great things about it and wanted to give this a try. 

I apply this product at night time before I hop into bed. I exfoliate my lips and when they're dry I apply the lip protectant. It goes on very smooth - similar to the Nivea Essential Care stick but a bit thicker. If feels almost waxy and is not oily at all. It has no real smell although I wouldn't say it's fragrance free, it just smells like a regular lip balm 
I guess!
A huge benefit would be that it has an SPF of 15 in it, which isn't extremely high but it is better to have some kind of sun protectant on your lips than nothing.
I have woken up in the morning to find that my lips feel really moisturise and are not dry or flaky at all. My lipstick and lip gloss go on much more smooth and softer.

I have found just two disadvantages with this product.
 The price. It retails in Ireland for a whopping €22.50. If you're spending this sort of money, you would want to be getting your money's worth. I love this product but I wouldn't be spending that sort of money on a lip balm again.
The amount of product. In the pictures shown I have used the product a few time, but only a few. So you really do not get a lot of product in the tube, which was a big disappointment for me. You would think if you paid so much money for it then you should be getting a bit more.

Overall I think this is a really great product, and I would recommend it if you have the money to spend on expensive lip treatments. I probably won't be re-purchasing this in the near future as it's way out of my budget but I will definitely use it all up! Let me know if you have tried this product and what you thought of it.

I have tried a lot of the 8 Hour collection so if there are any of those products you would like a review on please comment below and let me know!

Thank-you to all the people who have followed my blog and have left such lovely comments


  1. This is a lovely nude colour. I agree, it would be something worth a treat and a splurge but as a beauty blogger, finding dupes are our thing haha so I would be interested in seeing what you find.
    (I am currently running a giveaway)


  2. Great first review, go in to alot of detail, lovely pictures to to go with it.

    Pipp xx