Thursday, 10 January 2013

Origins Balanced Diet Lightweight Moisturise Lotion Review

Hello Everyone!
So I have another review for you today, its the Origins Balanced Diet Lightweight Moisture Lotion. I picked up this moisturiser in Arnotts for €33.

This is what Origins say about this product:

"When skin is not the same all over, it's hard to feed your needs. Nature's nutritionists provide precise portion control to be sure that skin "eats" smart.Wheat Protein and Soy Protein deliver lightweight liquid nourishment where needed to soften and soothe dry zones without weighing down T-zones. Konjac Powder soaks up sebum, and only sebum, and leaves no leftovers to shine a face up. Skin that's oily here, dry there feels fresher, smoother everywhere.
Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested."
"Suitable for combination-normal skin"

I was looking for a product which ingredients were of mainly natural origin (excuse the pun!), when I came across this brand. They have a huge selection of products and I was impressed with the range.
I have very dry skin so moisturising is very important to me to keep my skin in a good condition. 
I was told by the assistant that since I have younger and dryer skin that this product would suit me. Also because I didn't want to spend too much money that this was one of the cheaper moisturisers.

It does last a long time. I have been using this product for about seven months now and it isn't even half-way finished yet.
This is an oil-free product which has very little "nasty" ingredients and would be great for those of you who are big into their natural products!
It blends easily and sinks into my skin quickly - no heavy residue left on my skin.

There were three things I found that didn't work for me with this product. 
Firstly, the consistency is very runny, which can be a hassle when pouring it onto your hand out of the bottle (no pump applicator). 
I have the wrong skin type for this product as it was not moisturising enough for me and found that I had to apply it twice before my skin was hydrated enough.
It is on the pricier side but I think it is worth it.

Overall I would really recommend this product to anyone who has combination-normal skin, I think it would be perfect for them. Although it is on the pricey side, I think it is great value for money as it lasts a very long time. I am very excited to try out more Origins products.

Thank-you for reading. If you have tried out this product please let me know what you think of it!


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