Thursday, 23 May 2013

Haul: Pennys, Benefit, Miss Selfridge & more!

Hi Everyone! Today, I'm sharing with you a little haul because I went shopping (again!) and picked up a few items. Now for the past few days the weather has been rather lovely where I live in Ireland but as we speak I can see some gloomy clouds over head so I hope I don't jinx it but the sun has inspired me to buy one or two of these items. And yes, I am one of those people who, at the first spotting of a ray of sunshine, darts to the shops to load up on summer attire. Unfortunately, as Ireland has one of the most hormonal climates ever, these clothes may never see the outside of my wardrobe.
I did only buy a few things though so it's not that bad, hopefully I'll get a chance to wear them. I photographed the clothes hanging up on the door so maybe this will give you a better idea of what they actually look like.

The first thing I got is this little container set from Pennys for only €1.50. It comes with three bottles, three tubs and 6 labels. I thought they were a great idea and you can't really go wrong with €1.50! I think they'll not only be handy for when I'm travelling but I can use the little tubs to collect samples of products and try them out at home. I was actually told by a girl who works at MAC to go and buy these and she would give me a sample of their foundation as they weren't giving out MAC tubs to people anymore. This set also comes in clear plastic but I thought I'd live on the wild side and go for the pink.

So I was devastated to lose my old Tweezerman tweezers but I had to buy a new one and this time I went for a mini tweezers. They're slanted and are purple with white polka dots. It also comes with a little case to keep them in which I thought was handy. I really love Tweezerman tweezers as I find they're so precise and don't become blunt quickly. I picked these up for €24 in Boots and I'm looking forward to seeing how well they work.

The next item I bought is Benefit's Hoola Bronzer. I've never used this before (I know, shock, horror!) so I am super late jumping on the band wagon with this but I might just do a little First Impressions review on it. I bought it in Boots for €34. The sheer price of it is the sole reason why I haven't purchased it until now, but I decided to bite the bullet as I had saved up, and wanted it for a long time. I was surprised at how tiny the product is, but I'm really excited to try it out.

The first clothes item I bought is from Pennys and it was €17 (which I thought was pretty steep for them!). It's a denim-like material with white polka dots all over. The collar buttons up to the top and it has chunks missing out of the sides. I think it's a really cute dress and would be nice with some pumps or wedges. 

Nothing too exciting here, just a plain white top. I bought it to wear with leggings and I really like it. I rarely wear white but I thought 'what the hay!' and just got it. It's a nice length and it flows to its comfortable too. The sleeves are mid-length which is flattering and with a bit of snazzy jewellery it could turn out quite nice! It was only €8 and I nearly bought two! But I controlled myself..

Ha ha! I find this picture very funny for some reason, I think it's the way I hung them up or something, but it looks odd! Anyway you get the jist, they're just a plain black pair of leggings from Pennys for €4. I really, really like wearing leggings. I just find them so comfortable to wear and if you wear them right they don't look too bad as an actual outfit instead of just around the house. The Pennys ones are really soft but they can be a bit see-through in the bum area so you have to be careful. Usually I like to wear long tops with them anyway if I'm leaving the house, the top above would be perfect. 

The final item I bought was this little orange crop-top from Miss Selfridge. I actually saw this on a mannequin in the shop window and was sucked in because I thought it was so pretty. It has a high neck and racer-back sleeves which I don't wear too often but change can be good! The top half is also lace but there is material there to cover your bosom and your bra strap at the back! I think it's such a nice colour as well, I love orange and it would look nice with something high-waisted on the bottom. It was €24 and I cant wait to wear it this summer!

Do you have any of these items?


  1. Might have to pick up some of those travel bottles for my holiday! Was thinking of getting Benefit Hoola a while ago but I think I'll just try and find something similar a bit cheaper! Love the dress and tops too.

  2. I love Pennys! :) I went on erasmus to Dublin and I spent a lot of time and money in that store :p
    Great blog!
    x Hannah